Jason Butler, proud father of his fifth generation of Napa Valley natives, discovered his love of the wine industry at the side of his grandfather, a legendary Napa grape growing icon.


In his decades-long career, he has honed his barrel building craft to a fine art, while studying the underlying and substantiating science at the core of this complex process.


As Master Cooper, he has designed, crafted, and sold his own successful line of custom barrels from woods sourced from around the world and has developed several oak adjunct flavor profiles. Traveling the globe to seek out the best oak sources, and consulting on projects in the U.S., Europe and Asia; his experience covers all facets of both the traditional and the technological.


Now, as the owner of Oakinsight, he brings to the greater wine community his services as a resource to improve the understanding of barrel design, production, repair, and maintenance – all leading to improving wine flavor profiles and minimizing barrel costs.